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This is the Slingerland kit used by Rufus Jones during the latter part of his tenure with Duke Ellington. This kit is a beautiful Slingerland WMP set in his traditional set up which included two14x22 bass drums, two 9x13 toms, a 16x16 floor tom and his chrome over brass snare drum. All original stands are included as well as the road cases with “Ellington” stickers from their tour. This is the same kit as seen in many photos of Rufus. Rufus was a phenomenally talented drummer with speed, grace, and a sense of touch that ran the spectrum from delicate to thunderous. I had the pleasure of seeing him live a few times with Ellington when I was much younger, and actually had the chance to walk up on stage and speak to him after Ellington had played a concert in a high school auditorium in my home state of Rhode Island. As I spoke to Rufus I watched him as he disassemble this very kit. This is the only authentic set belonging to Rufus that has ever surfaced. A remarkable set from a remarkable drummer.  Check Rufus out on the kit in this video with Ellington from 69: HERE

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