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Sonny Greer's Leedy kit used with Duke Ellington.


This kit is an incredible rarity. It is Sonny Greer’s Leedy kit used by him with Duke Ellington. This kit was owned by a prominent collector and in 2007 we brokered its sale. It now resides in the world's finest collection of historically significant drum sets.


The kit is exquisite, and has a tremendous history. This kit was borrowed by the Smithsonian Institute and was displayed with other Ellington memorabilia for their Duke Ellington Centennial. When the Smithsonian picked up this kit from the former owner, they hand built enormous cases to protect this rarity. The wood case for the bass drum alone weighs 190lbs! The “S/G” lettering is hand painted on each drum, and the “/” between each letter is a contrasting pearl strip designed to resemble a drumstick. The original calf heads are on the bass drum and the photo here shows a close up of the historic “DE” logo head filled with musical notes. The set consists of 7x11" and 9x13" toms, a 16x18 floor tom, the 14x28 bass drum and the 6.5x14 snare drum.
This is truly a critically important piece of our drumming history. This set will be featured in an upcoming book that I am working on that will highlight the world's most historically significant drum sets associated with great jazz artists.

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