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Steve's Specials:


UPDATED SEPT 4, 2014. Here's all of the special items I am featuring. Check these out for some wonderful deals!

Items Coming Soon can be seen with links to recently posted item HERE.

INCREDIBLE Craviotto burgundy sparkle 12-14-18-5.5 bop kit. The first one in this finish!! HERE.

Gretsch USA bargain on 2010 Ltd Edition drum set. HERE.

Gretsch USA gold glitter 13-16-22 lightly used. HERE.

Fibes 5.5x14 acrylic clear snare drum. Wonderful!! HERE.

Slingerland 6.5x14 TDR in black lacquer HERE.

Slingerland 6.5x14 Buddy Rich model chrome over wood HERE.

Gretsch 130th anniversary gold satin flame bop kit. LAST ONE! HERE.

WFL WMP 13/16/22/5.5x14 one owner kit HERE.

Rogers 5x14 chrome Dynasonic snare drum. Fabulous! HERE.

Craviotto Ash demo kit! 7.5x10, 8x12, 14x14, 14x20: HERE




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