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Sept 4, 2014:  Art Blakey. We are proud to announce that we will be brokering the sale of several items belonging to the late, great Art Blakey and given by Art to his son Art Blakey Jr. This is historically significant, especially since we are not aware of any items of Art's being made available in the past. These items consist of three drum sets, several snares and several cymbals as well as miscellaneous hardware and road cases, some of which are stenciled "Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers". All of these items belonged to Art Blakey and were given by Art to his son, the late Art Blakey Jr. Art Jr's widow contacted us and as a result we are brokering these items on her behalf.  Stay tuned as we move forward with this collection. We'll be posting specific information soon.
July 1, 2014: Hello everyone. Time for a change! Over the past year I have been thinking about an ideal website structure. For me, that would entail a website with two distinct sections: One for shopping and one designed for those of you who want to spend time looking at our videos, reading stories about drummers and drums, getting tips on tuning, and more. Basically, this second section would be my personal communication platform to all of our customers. In the past, I've addressed this by using the main page of our website, but that is limiting. By the same token, a complete website re-write is a very long, expensive undertaking. So, I have decided to launch my own personal website which will serve as this "second part" of our overall website experience. I like to call it "The Lounge".   You'll be able to link over to "The Lounge" from our existing website of course, and that link will be prominently featured on our main page of the website. With "The Lounge" I will be able to provide more in depth information and news, as well as interesting videos and the like. Additionally, you can link to our existing video channel which is housed on You Tube and you can also link to our Podcast channel as well. And, you can even link to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. So, as we roll this new site out I am hoping that you will share thoughts and comments with me so I can focus on the type of content you'd like to see here. I am reachable by email at and I would very much welcome your thoughts and ideas for content down the line. Thanks, and, I hope you will enjoy this as we start rolling this out!  Steve
July 4, 2014:  Fred Gretsch will be visiting our New York store on July 30th.  Click here for details!
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